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fzero anime

The f-zero anime is an adaptation of the game series of the same name, and this is a pretty interesting one to note, as its an adaptation of an nowadays not so well known outside of smash, game nintendo has made.

It has its own spin on the games the concept is still there captain falcon a bounty hunter taking part in races and stopping the bad guys at the same time too.

Outside of bounty hunting and racing, he apparently runs a café and yeah, Nintendo bring that café idea if they ever plan on promoting a new game.

From what I looked up, the anime is said to have more backstory and development for captain falcon so theres also a pretty interesting bonus as apparently the games in the mainline tends to keep things ambigous so at least theres something of a more solid established story for him this time.

The voice acting was good for the Japanese dub but the 4kids dubbing yeah, its as expected to be pretty bad. To this day, there has still yet to be an updated dub of the series too so theres also that and good luck trying to convince nintendos legal team to convince them to give the dub another go. Apparently some episodes in the 4kids dub are now considered to be lost media which is always sad to see but who knows maybe it can be rediscovered someday.

The music was fitting enough for the series.

The characters were pretty colorful and unique.

I love the futuristic atmosphere it has and the unique vehicle designs too.

The artstyle is pretty good and is faithful to the game and the character deisgns were all unique enough to keep you invested.

It’s the second longest nintendo related anime I've seen with about 51 episodes in it. Kirby right back at ya was about 100 episodes. And this is not counting Pokémon keep in mind, where it was all honestly just all of the same and being milked by a braindead especially nowadays woke fandom because anything else Nintendo makes is prolly going to be cancelled like astral chain and fzero having cop type characters as the good guys.

It can drag on quite a bit weird considering the high octane premise of the series.

The characters certainly have more depth then what's shown on smash lol, but still not exactly the most original per say still.

So that aside, yeah there were cheesy moments here and there that just came off as meh then anything really funny.

The action was pretty decent it’s the typical 2000s shonen type flair of action lol.

Overall it was an ok anime.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Currently this is going to be the only f-zero related media, as the games are way too steep for my blood and also, f-zero has been the subject of fans going as far as buying stocks in Nintendo, just to ask when the next game is coming out same as other titles too like I think custom robo and golden sun were topics of discussion for fans bringing it up in stockbroker meetings too, and if it was me prolly trace memory or hotel dusk since Nintendo owns the rights of the cing games since they went under.

If Metroid made a comeback with dread and prime doing really well, and also Nintendo giving newer ips like astral chain a chance then there is no reason at all to not revisit their older games and give them new life.

The only racing game nintendo has atm, is mario kart sadly mach rider,wave race,diddy kong racing, and snowboard 180 are just utilized as easter eggs for smash and no I hadn’t played any of it but still nintendo really needs to, bring these types of games back and maybe have platinum games give the series a go since they did racing segments before but a full fledged racing game would be epic to see happening.

So only time will tell if anything new could happen but I honestly hope they do so nintendo can be focusing on bringing older ips back instead of, suing the fuck out of anyone just for the lulz.


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