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Genocyber is an anime ova and the story of it focuses on the worst and I mean the absolute worst kind of atrocities imaginable


It doesn’t hold back on how just excessive and just shocking to the point it just stops being shocking and more so tries to enter a contest of who can be the most violent ova possible of the late 20th century.

Outside of the hyper focus on shock value, the story isn’t the most original either too its just evil

corporation doing evil things and what can go wrong when their expiraments goes haywire.

Don't expect any breather moments as there is none instead it just focuses on pushing the envelope of how shocking it can be.

Nobody was likable either everyone just felt so one sided and just interesting.

The animation its pretty below average like I understand its from the late 80s but still even then Akira had way better animation than this.

The music was generally ok.

The voice acting wasn’t anything that great either especially the English dub yeah its that bad.

Its actually based on a unfinished manga because it was cancelled so yeah there is a lot of unfinished and unclear plotpoints as a result of it.

Pretty short too about 5 episodes.

Overall this was not a good anime at all.

It gets 1 star.


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