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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is an anime series based on the manga books of the same name. 

It focuses on the Shibuya psychic research team as they solve supernatural mysteries and try to get spirits to move on to the afterlife if possible. The stories are mostly procedural and are split up into multiple parts most of the time. The backstories of how the ghosts ended up the way they were are fairly engaging. However, the stories for the main characters remain unfinished and there wasn’t any character developments.  Ghost Hunt is a fairly long series comprising 25 episodes with slow pacing.  

The art of the series is generally fine and the animation very good. The music was good as well. The comedy too was way too forced and was repetitive after a while. The characters weren’t interesting or engaging, they just felt flat and they spent a lot time bickering than solving the mysteries. Some of them don’t really do much of anything especially when the show reaches it late stages.  

There are many incomplete story lines because the books have been unfinished for a very long time now and it is unlikely they ever will be. Overall, it was an average at best show. It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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