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Id Invaded

Id: Invaded is a science fiction mystery anime that deals with the exploration of the criminal mind and it’s a concept that has fascinated us for centuries. It is similar to Psycho Pass where it focuses on analyzing a person’s psychological state and it is used to track and take down criminals. Detectives from the Kura squad use cutting edge development known as the Mizuhanome System to enter the perpetrator’s mind in order to track them. Criminals leave behind “cognitive particles” and detectives use these as clues to help apprehend the murderer.ID: INVADED

The story focuses on Nahrigaso Ahikto as he solves murder cases that eventually are somehow connected to one another and it eventually leads into something bigger. He used to be a highly regarded detective but has fallen from grace after being imprisoned for killing someone. His main motivation is to prevent other senseless deaths since a murder of a family member. Ahikto has put a lot of criminals behind bars because of his supreme skills.

Everything in the world of Id is pretty disorganized and scattered and it is up to the detectives to piece it together to solve the mystery. Events are slowly revealed as the show progresses and all the various plots come together at the end to a fitting conclusion. Characters pasts and motivations are gradually revealed so we can understand what drives them.

I really liked the mysterious dark and broody atmosphere mixed with the sci fi themes in the series. The action in the anime was really breathtaking. I also really enjoyed the music of the series as well as the voice acting. The characters were pretty interesting. The artstyle looks very nicely detailed and I really liked the cyberpunk styled backgrounds as well.

The show is pretty short without a single moment of filler. There were some lighthearted scenes but nothing over the top.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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