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klonoa remaster compliation

Klonoa is a remaster of the ps1 game and also its sequel for the ps2 in addition. 

It’s a platformer game where the main goal is to reach the objective and solve puzzles on each level you are in and also defeat bosses too typical stuff. 

Its format in particular is a 2.5d style unique at the time. 

It focuses on Klonoa and his adventures and how he must save the world in each of the games he is in and the stories themselves are not really the most original. But at the time it was because this was going beyond typical platformer stories as it was focused more on character journey arcs than what any platformer game save for Kirby was doing at the time. 

The world its set is in is based around the concept of dreams that people have in the night and it has anthromophic characters as the leads quite a common thing back then.

Kloanoa 2 includes board riding stages which was pretty fun to do where the main goal is to reach the end and fight enemies straight forward enough.

Each area you are in has its own unique style and quite a variety of enemies too. 

The remastered graphics are pretty good and the artstyle too was also good too. 

The game includes a difficulty setting something the original games didn’t have to make it more in line with modern games.   Otherwise though, get ready to rely on a walkthrough as hints can be kind of vague at times.

Theres now a new skip cutscene and fast forward dialogue option knowing how pretty popular this game is among the speedrunning communtiy. 

The music of the games are pretty good too. 

The voice acting of the game was generally fine too. 

The game has a lot of back tracking and things aren’t easily obvious to find out so it will take you sometime to get used to the gameplay mechanics here. 

The 3d design for its time was pretty innovative and interesting to see. 

The games are fairly long too. 

You can grab enemies and throw them at each other on easier mode it’s the range is a lot furhter. 

There were some technical hiccups from what I played unfortunately. 

Overall it was a good platformer. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 


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