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Miami Law

Miami Law is a ds point and click mystery visual novel action game focusing on Law Martin and Sara Starling as they work together to take down the Miami Syndicate. 

Its story is straightforward enough and its not really the most original one either per say and alot of it honestly is just predictable and boring and its said to take inspiration from lot of police procedurals of the 2000s right round the time the game was released. 

Lot of the game play is move to point a to b. 

The dialogue especially since its from Victor Ireland who founded Gaijinworks the successor of Working Designs, its going to be super cheesy and cliched. 

It does get surprisingly quite graphic for a t rated game as i remember at least one such mention in game and knowing Florida, gator attacks including a kid being eating halfway by one and people dying like flies. 

The story is written by a group called Magnum Enter and i couldn’t find much about them online but they were involved in a few Mario games according to whats availble on Moby games. 

The lack of voice acting too doesn’t really help that much. 

You can choose to play as either Sara or Law at any moment Sara is focused more so on puzzle while Law is focused on action. 

Its super easy to get game overs if you make one wrong decision which is odd seeing as the game has itself advertised as an non linear like story where the plot is affected by the decisions you make. 

The mini games are pretty easy for newcomers of the genre. 

Its super short too only taking bout a few hours to finish. 

The art its generally ok the 3d graphics on the otherhand even by ds standards it looks subpar. 

The music from Miami Beat Wave is fine. 

The crime themed atmosphere of Miami honestly doesn’t feel all that engaging. 

Overall it was a really below average game. 

The touch interface at times can be finnicky from time to time. 

It gets 2 out of 5 stars. 

Lot of police games usually are hit or miss you can have a game like snatcher or astral chain one day then you can have garbage western bullshit like Battlefield Hardline or western wannabes like this game and since this is technically from Konami as they own Hudson soft now, this is the closest we’ll sadly ever get to a new, Snatcher game. 


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