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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is the fourth entry of the resident evil series and this game focuses on now dso agent Leon Kennedy rescuing the president’s daughter after they’ve been kidnapped by the los iluminados cult so its up to Leon to rescue Ashley and stop the cult too.

This game was the mark of a more action oriented focus that would be predominant in many future games up to 7 and the remake of the second game.

There still elements of survival horror though, as you have to be careful with killing enemies or else you will be overwhelmed especially since the enemies here are a lot smarter and more well coordinated than the zombies of the past games.

The combat did feel kind of stiff as it had the stand still while shooting and not being able to move around mechanic that later games removed thankfully especially awkward when you have to watch over Ashley once you rescue them and that’s really the biggest fatal flaw in the entire game actually the entire series the escort system because you always had to keep a close eye on Ashley or else its either her being kidnapped or killed.

Ashley can point out stuff of interest to you form time to time so not exactly 100 percent useless but still super annoying.

I got used to the controls pretty quickly since by now I've played a good amount of the 3rd person styled resident evil games and it was a huge jump too from tank controls to this at the time glad it made that jump.

The voice acting is subpar as usual for the series and the dialogue as expected its going to be really bad especially Ashley’s voice not surprised its from Sandy Cheeks the least favorite Spongebob character I had since I was a kid lol.

Like before there is going to be elements of puzzle solving here and there in order to progress through the game.

Item management is also key to survival here too and you can also visit the merchant who is honestly one of the greatest characters in video game history, because he had the best jokes and the best dialogue too.

You can find treasure and shoot emblems for special weapons from the merchant and overall the merchant society of resident evil honestly are the only honest group of people in a world full of government and corporate corruption lol so shoutout to those guys for being the most friendliest out of anyone in the series lol and ironically the best voiced character in the game and you know damn well Paul Mercier had a great time voicing the merchant lol shoutout to the merchant for being the only real one in a series full of corruption once again.

The music especially serenity the save theme, is some of the best composed in the entire series.

Overall this was a pretty good entry in the series.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

If Ashley does return, please have Natalia Wesker kill her and Moira off and have Hunk and Ada and Sherry and Billy comeback instead. Resident Evil really needs to get back to having the older characters again and also have that full on conversation between Jake and Chris already too and hopefully the next revelations game can match the atmosphere and story tone of code veronica because its going to need soon enough when the time is ready.


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