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Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is the 6th main entry in the series and this game focuses on an international bioterroist conflict that many of the main characters from Chris,Sherry,Leon,Ada and Wesker’s son Jake Mueller are brought into the conflict where they must find out what really cause this disaster and stop whoever is behind it.

The story, really is the most messy and just literally no pun intended disastrous of the entire series it really takes the cake from taking every single trope about the series and just dials up way beyond a 11 because there is so much cliché after cliché that it just becomes tiring than exciting and the amount of explosions in it is way more than enough to rival Michael Bay of all people seriously.

Big missed chance having Claire here because Sherry being back for the first time in ages other than just notes on files and in the on rails shooter spinoffs, we finally get to see Sherry in action for the first time in decades and I did liked the chemistry Sherry and Jake had.

One other big chance they missed is a full on conversation between Jake and Chris since well Albert Wesker is dead and it would have been interesting to see them resolve their differences but that isn’t going to happen until, Revelations 3 most likely comes around.

It gets even funnier too, that at the end of it all pretty much all this carnage and rampage going on was the result of a simp being rejected by the girl he likes spoiler alert lol.

Gameplay wise this is the most linear Resident Evil game there is since it tells you where to go unlike in the older games where its just you have to explore every area to try and solve how to progress and get through to the area you are required to here, its just points you where to go right away.

Theres also a huge inconsistency in the style of campaigns here, like it doesn’t even know whether it wants to be survival horror or full on call of duty this was a huge issue back in the early 2010s era of capcom’s year of resident evil because it was really just ironically the dark ages of the series at this point and to an extent capcom too because they were just getting themselves so much from shit after shit even now to this day, they’re still getting it.

The stealth too, its not metal gear solid and I personally prefered the stealth for revelations 2 then this here cause I just found it out of place for the fast paced action kind of.

Weird how we can shortage of ammo at somepoint for an action game that’s supposed to be focused on getting ammo every few minutes from killing enemies.

Leon’s Campaign I think is the best one to go for since its more on the survival horror side of things.

Theres a perk system where you can gain skillpoints from your actions in the game to get stuff to help you out in combat but it can as grindy as some of the jrpgs I've reviewed and not in a good way.

The enemies in the game were a hit or miss for me, yeah sure there were terrifying but a t rex boss and its not even dinoc crisis or parasite eve now that’s really pushing it for me on how much we can suspend disbelief on how much crazy stuff the series can get away with.

Damage sponge enemies once again are here and can be too powerful for their own good at times.

Kind of had to take some time getting used to the controls here too.

Its kind of funny and not in a good way how we went from going with consuming raw herbs to now having to turn it into pills that Eminem would have loved during the crazy mid 2000s drug binging haydays he had lol and on that note, the user interface can be quite cumbersome and challenging to go through too I had no issue with the other games user interface, since I've been playing them since high school but here this one was just as messy as’s interface was back when I reviewed that.

There was quite a bit of padding and filler here and there too sadly dragging on longer than it should have had.

The best thing about the game, is that the graphics and visuals still hold up well today.

The voice acting and dialogue as expected is average at best and dogshit at worst type dialogue I've talked about for a long while now with the series. Jake especially had honestly the best comedy the series has had since the infamous Jill sandwich in the early 90s lol.

Overall this was a really subpar resident evil game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Yeah this was one of the weakest in the series and I do not want to see the inevitable re6 remake be like this.


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