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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a standalone cgi tv series it takes place a bit after the events of the 4th game so its best to play that one.

It once again focuses on Leon and Claire caught up in another conspiracy relating to b.o.w’s in this case it’s the middle east vs the states.

So its really once again the typical resident evil formula as seen a lot.

The action here is pretty decent as always.

The characters outside of Leon and Claire I honestly didn’t really care about at all honestly since they were all just bland and if they were killed off nothing of value really was lost.

The voice acting too was decent and as expected the dialogue is still as pretty cheesy as ever.

The animation here was pretty decent.

The monster designs as always were creative and scary as ever.

A bit off topic it’s the first time seeing Claire in with glasses ngl, she was hot af in that lmao.

The overall story here was pretty much just cliché after cliché and more coverups again and again that in the long term only do more harm than good.

Its really short too about 4 episodes you can finish in just a single watchthrough and as a result lot of it can kind of feel really weirdly paced which as a result Claire of all people has had a lot of missing opportunities to shine sadly because of this short length. Like she can handle herself really fine just look at code veronica that alone is enough to show Claire being heroic enough to save the day here nope just sweep her aside and that’s it also no you’re not going to be seeing Sherry either sadly too on that note or even any mention of Steve Burnside too which kind of sucks.

I don’t know if its just me, but I felt that Shen-Mei was really just a wannabe Ada Wong like not counting the remakes, she still has yet to make another appearance in any of the newer games or even the other cgi movies outisde of Damnation, but yeah Shen-Mei wasn’t anything that fun.

Overall its was a average show at best.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Yeah Resident Evil kind of shot itself in the foot here even more than what the 6th game did because of the cover ups after cover ups type of shit that’s keep going on and on to the point its become more overly annoying and overly reliant just to keep the story going. :/

You really have to be a hardcore fan to enjoy the show.


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