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The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a survival horror game by tango gameworks which by the time before its disolution was made up of many resident evil developers including its creator Shinji Mikami.  

It focuses on the krimson city police department investigating a mental hospital only to witness the messed up horrors behind it and try to find out whats really going on there. 

The game encourages more so on stealth and managing your resources as ammo especially is scarce than taking on enemies up front with some elements of puzzle solving too. 

You can stealth kill enemies but to really keep them down is by using matches to burn them. 

The enemy designs in the game are super gross and incredibly brutal looking especially the sadist and laura in my personal opinion. 

Speaking of brutality this game will really be one of the hardest video games you could ever play and this isn’t like dark souls this is its own different type of catagory because of pretty easy it is to die at any given moment. 

The graphics are pretty good and so were the dark visuals too and artstyle. 

You can upgrade with green gel to get more inventory space and deal more damage to enemies and other health and stamina increases through the safehouses you can find be acessessing certain mirrors where you can also save too. 

The story itself on the otherhand it can be a convoluted mess with lot of plotholes and more things that need story clarification which will never happen anytime soon since tango gameworks has been closed down by microsoft not too long ago sadly long with some other zenimax game studios. 

Overall it was a decent game. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

Its probably going to be really pricey afford it eventually given tango gameworks disbanding so be sure to get the copies of the game when you still can. 



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