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The Legend Of Heroes OVA

The Legend Of Heroes in the sky is an ova adaptation of the game of the same name.

The anime like the game itself focuses on Estelle and company with Estelle being a recent joinee of the Bracer’s Guild, in Zemuria and they have to rescue their family after a big kidnapping and find out a massive conspiracy behind what has happened that caused this.

The pacing is incredibly rushed and a lot of story from what I noticed was cut out for the sake of runtime sadly at 40 minutes.

The backstory especially suffers the most given how notoriously complex and incredibly intricate the series is well known for is butchered badly.

The characters too were as expected from the series to be pretty uncompelling,tropey and for the most part not really all that engaging either. Don’t expect focus on the other characters but the main lead Estelle because of the short run time here.

One thing i can give credit to Estelle is that Estelle in contrast to how sometimes Lloyd and Rean can kind of play softball when it comes to handle situations here yes I do hate how she can jump before she leaps but shes a lot more assertive than the typical Falcom jrpg from what I've played I'll give it that much.

The animation for the most part was generally ok and the cgi on the otherhand, doesn’t really look like it has aged all that well either.

The action scenes were pretty decent to look at.

The art too was faithful to the games and the character designs were generally fine too.

The voice acting was ok but the dialogue on the otherhand as expected from this series combined with its humor its not really all that great either.

Overall this was a below average adaptation.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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