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White Breath With Faint Hope

White Breath With Faint Hope is a visual novel ported from the PC to the PSP without any pornographic content as these were replaced with non x-rated scenes. Its also a Japanese exclusive so import online retailers are the best way to get it. The visual novel was developed by F&C FC02, and the company also worked on the Pia Carrot series.

(A typical day for you)

The story focuses on Tsuaka Sagami, a second year high school student at Akanezaka Gakuen. He has a pretty good life at school until a childhood illness resurfaces with potentially life-threatening consequences. Tsuaka decides to spend as much time as possible with his friends and the story revolves around him and his friend as he deals with a terminal disease.

(The guy she told you not to worry about)

The story has a more somber tone than the typical visual novel and consists of seven PHASEs from the prologue to the ending.

(Take moments like these while you can in the game as it can be your final moments in the story)

PHASE2, which is the center of the early stage, is divided into two parts, "action selection" and "adventure", and the story unfolds as they progress alternately. In "action selection", at the beginning of the day, you will select which heroine you will meet and deepen your relationship with during the three hours of the day, morning, noon, and night. In Adventure, you will have a conversation with the heroine selected in "Action Selection".

(this is actually from the pc version but im trying make do with what screenshots i can find)

After PHASE3, it consists only of "Adventure Part". In the middle of the conversation, there may be options to decide the action and dialogue of the main character, and that choice will change the subsequent development.

(to think this is game about dying)

The atmosphere does have a sense of urgency as the main character is dying from an illness and he doesn’t have much time left. The artstyle looks pretty good and the wintery backgrounds are visually appealing. The gameplay is typical of a visual novel0 with limited interactivity and all you mainly have to do is just chose the text. The control system was straightforward and easy to learn as well. The voice acting was good as well. Endings vary depending on which girl you choose. The menu is in English which is very useful and it is very easy to navigate.

(Something more fitting)

There is some fanservice here and there and it was a bit distracting from the somber story. It is fairly short can be finished in a day. There are some replay value mainly playing through the other routes. Theres some extras like listening to the soundtrack and looking at CG shots.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

This would be interesting to adapt as an anime series as it does things quite differently than a conventional visual novel.


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