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Wild Arms Twlight Venom

Wild arms twlight venom is an anime based on the jrpg series of the same name. 

Wild arms came at a time when space westerns were being made for anime from cowboy bebop,trigun and outlaw star, like its peers the game has made its own unique mark within Japanese entertainment history. 

Its concept is notable “Arms” being the ability to use special powers in combat. 

The stories of the game isn’t just sci fi alone, it also has elements of fantasy in it too. 

It focuses on 4 characters looking for a certain treasure on planet called Fergaria and their adventures on the world.  

The characters weren’t anything too special or engaging to get to know. 

There were a lot of connections from the earlier games at the time it came out. 

The animation is pretty rough and not exactly well aged its by bee-train. 

The artstyle of the anime is good. 

The voice acting too also was not the best. 

The pacing of it can be pretty inconsistent from time to time from a slow start to things going by pretty fast. 

It’s a fairly long show too about 22 episodes in it. 

The comedy was pretty cheesy too and nothing that special either. 

The music too was pretty good.

Overall it was a ok adaptation. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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