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Bioshock Infinite

The game is developed by Irrational games.

This actually a prequel towards the first two games of the BioShock series so you don't have to play the first to understand what is currently happening.

You can explore the massive floating city of Columbia and Columbia is a really well designed large city and it felt so life like while exploring the place. You can also learn more about Columbia and the characters while exploring and finding various documents and audio recordings. It's quite large and there's secrets within it underneath it's peaceful and bright design.

The graphics are very bright and colorful and I enjoyed the designs of the game the artwork for example is inspired by the 1910s. And much of themes in the story of Bioshock Infinte relate towards the during the times of the 1910s.

The story in this game its intricate and highly dark underneath it all the idea of going through different reality tears,multiverses and time travel it's an important part of the story showing the various "What ifs?" And "What it could have been" Each of them with a dark twist to it. The themes in this game are mature and not meant to be comfortable at all. It deals in touchy subjects like Racism and it shows the dark side of Christianity as they are in this game "purist" and very militant and are quite elitist as white supremacy covers from the middle to upper classes in Columbia. And Columbia in reality is actually a dystopian city ruled by a fanatical priest.

The voice acting in this game its solid. Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper do have chemistry as Booker Dewit and Elizabeth and it matches the deep characters In the game.

Elizabeth and Booker are my personal favorites. Elizabeth is sweet,innocent and her pure kindness. Gives her this child like charm and she is a very helpful character as she can fetch you medkits and ammo and revive you when you are down. She grows to be much more somber as she witnesses the violence and chaos around her. Don't worry it's not going to be an endless escort missions throughout the entire game she can handle herself well even though she does not fight.

Booker is this person who has a pretty dark past he wants to wipe his past slate clean by delivering Elizabeth and later on he grows to be more protective to her. And he decides to change his goal from cleaning his debts to saving Elizabeth from this mad city.

One of the best things about the game is while you escort her during missions you learn more about each other and how they interact. The conflicting personalities and the fact they are so highly alike deep down makes them feel like they have a really deep unbreakable bond as time goes by.

I like the musical Easter eggs they added like having Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears during one of "Tears" during the game. The other songs in the game like Girls want to have fun are recreated in the current time period to make it feel like it existed in the earlier 20th century.

The combat in game you can take any approach you like the skyhook can be a zipline and used as a melee weapon to brutally kill enemies in any direction. Its fast and violent and this feature is very creative. It sucks that you can carry only two weapons at a time instead of having an weapon wheel where you can carry plenty of them. The gunplay itself its fun to kill enemies in different ways and I enjoyed being able to upgrade my weapons and have a variety of them.

You can also find "Vigors" which helps you in combat a lot as these give you supernatural like powers and you have to choose wisely on which power would you rather take.

Your choices well you can choose how you play the game but they don't have any impact to the world around you. The ending is the same no matter what choice but the ending itself its unexpected and unbelievable. And its just part of the surprising nature of what the game has.

The songbird in the game I found the it to be very intimidating but you don't get to see it often the creature appears in use in the late part of the game even after a few glimpses but that’s about it.

It would have been interesting to see puzzles like Riddles and having Elizabeth help you solve them it such a shame that it wasn’t there.

In conclusion the creativity in the game is really just surprising on how complex the game can really be.

The game gets 4 stars

If you want to start off Bioshock this game is a good place to start. It is overall really a very good game to play on the ps3,xbox or pc its one of the best ps3 games I played.

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