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The Sabeteour

This was made by pandemic games before they closed down by EA and this was meant to be a "Swan Song" for the company. The game itself is an action adventure open world game with a neo noir style to it.

It takes place in Paris France in World war 2 where you play as a Irish ex race car driver and mechanic Sean Devlin where he is recruited to fight the Nazis as a saboteur for the French Resistance.

The game has a noir style to it. Its black and white for Nazi owned territories. And colored once they are liberated. The Black and White style is unique and Sin City like I found to be interesting.

While I do like the neo noir style to it. The story itself is average. I wasn't really particularly interested in the characters some of them tend to be one dimensional like Sean being a hard-drinking Irish. Luc being a charismatic resistance leader. Skyler being the femme fatale spy. And Veronique being the Damsel in distress. Hell even the main antagonist hes a evil who must be stopped kind of villain.

The animations in the game can be a bit clunky occasionally.

I found the game to be a bit glitchy as well and the graphics were average at best. The Ai also was occasionally "off" at times.

The open world its similar to Gta I like how Paris is depicted and you can explore and see various landmarks such as the Eifel Tower.

The games environment is destroyable due to the nature of the game. You can either attack enemies up front or go in quietly. To buy stuff you have to use contraband which requires by stealing cigarettes or certain objects.

The combat in the game its fun getting to approach in many different ways and being able to shoot with world war 2 weaponry. I found it to be ok but nothing special.

The game has a heat system. Its like Grand theft Auto you can either evade the nazis or hide in certain hiding spots until the search is called off.

You can take part in races but I found driving in the game to be very stiff and I spent a good amount of time on foot.

You can also call upon your allies in the resistance for help. So if you are ever in a tight spot be sure to call upon them.

Its ok but not what I would call a "great" game.

It gets 3 stars

Its average at best I did found some parts enjoyable and some parts not. If you like World War 2 history and third person shooters than check this game out.

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