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The Witcher 3

This series is based off a Polish Fantasy novel is a open world rpg game like Skyrim. The video game adaptation is developed and published by CD PROJEKT RED. And this is also the final game of the series.

The story is about a Witcher who is a monster hunter and demonslayer named Geralt as he goes on these adventures filled with Horror and chaos. The game has an mature complex adult story filled with sex and violence. And it has a deep backstory to it that I spent a good amount of time reading as this my first time ever playing the Witcher series.

The game is uncensored as you can see breasts in the game and the sex in this game its hardcore as nudity is shown and the characters do get actually intimate moments from time to time.

You can make choices in the game and they have consequences some of them are also the lesser of two evils such as would you slay a werewolf who happens to be one of the villagers in your town and this woman betrayed him. Or kill the werewolf and let the treacherous woman live. It's complicated choices that affect the story and the ending of the game.

I found the characters to be complicated and complex yet highly interesting especially Geralt.

Geralt is the main character you play as in the game he is a Witcher who has to find his missing apprentice and stop a looming massive threat he can't be able to face alone. Now Geralt he is a stoic yet he can be very sarcastic and deadpan at times. He is ruthless as a witcher where none of the monsters he kills survives and yet he has his own moral code as he cares about his friends and fellow witchers and helps people out where can for coin. Yennefer is his sarcastic and highly talented witch who is quite elegant yet highly deadly and they are both made for each other. As they do share an very intimate relationship.

The graphics in the game are highly detailed and dynamic as the world around you. And the in game world is really massive. You can explore caves and look for treasure and you can also slay monsters and the game has its own take on monsters. Vampires are not like they are portrayed in contemporary times instead they are bat like creatures who are highly vicious and have an unquenchable thirst for blood. The game even has its own monsters created for the game like the Hym which is a demon like creature that knows your sins and makes you slowly mutilate yourself as your guilt consumes you for the monsters own sadistic pleasure forcing the victim to commit suicide. You can explore multiple settlements and cities and even there you are still going to find danger as the beasts you find aren't the only monsters in the city.

Gwent is a really fun minigame you can spend a lot of time collecting the in game cards and playing it with other characters in the game. Each Gwent card has its own unique ability and the more you collect the better your chances are in winning.

Combat in this game its really intense and brutal. Geralt has violent execution moves and with both monster and human. You can use magical spells in the game to help take out enemies. And as you level up you can select perks to help you with your quest as the game itself is very challenging. I don't recommend you taking on the wild hunt until you are more experienced in the game. You have two types of swords steel for humans and silver for creatures each with its own effect and they do break from time to time so you can either pick up a repair kit or see a blacksmith to fix it up.

You can craft your own armor,weapons and potions and find ways to upgrade them.

The side quests in the game are short stories relating towards your life as a Witcher from hunting down Monsters to solving mysteries each of them is meaningful and well written. There is a lot of them in the world and I did a good amount as well to explore the world and help me be more familiar to this story.

The soundtrack is pretty epic it’s a mixture of intense thematic music with Polish elements to it and it just makes fighting bosses more intense and fun to fight. I also liked the voice acting as well and it really feels quite dramatic and emotions are captured perfectly well.

The game does have a small amount of problems.

Roach can be quite problematic he can get in the way at times and he does tend to be slow.

The crossbow itself. I wouldn’t use it as its underpowered and it isn't always accurate. It is more useful underwater where you can deal much more damage there then on land.

I did found it to be glitchy from time to time as the world is big and the size of it means more glitches that will happen. It's best to play this game in the latest version as you won't find as much glitches and bugs I do.

In conclusion it's a really mature yet deep and engaging game.

The game gets 5 stars

The Witcher is perfect for you if you are into fantasy and deep storylines and if you are a first timer like me this game is accessible to all new comers feel free to pick this game up whenever you find it.

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