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Yakuza Kiwami

This is the remake of the first game of the series in 2005 for the ps4. It is developed and published by the creators of the series SEGA.

Its accessible like Yakuza 0 to newcomers of the series who are just started to play the games.

The graphics are good it feels realistic its updated for the ps4. I like how Karmucho is lifelike and how it feels so much like the Japanese culture.

The music is energetic and fast paced and its always intense whenever a fight occurs.

I found the story to be engaging from start to finish and it gets more intricate as time goes by. You find out more on the motivations on the other characters and why the 10 billion dollars was actually stolen and who was responsible for stealing it. There is also additional cutscenes that expands upon the original storyline to clear up any plotholes. The story has quite sad moments that can be quite shocking and unexpected it shows dark the story can be and that the life of the Yakuza is not glamorous as it looks like. The story is more connected to the prequel Yakuza 0 as it references key events from time to time.

The substories are interesting and they have variety to them. Kiryu teaches lessons to those he meets for help and the stories in the remake are updated and have additional writing to clear up the confusing points of the story to make it more clear and complete if you played the original game.

The characters are highly memorable each of them had their own unique personalities and goals relating towards the story.

The voice acting its pretty good. Conversations have tension in it and it always feels natural and never forced in. It's entirely in Japanese as well so you have to read the subtitles its not recommended for you if you don't want to hear another language in a video game.

Combat in the game is over the top. You can choose 4 styles like in Yakuza 0 each having its own moves and abilities. You can fill up the heat meter and press triangle to do a powerful attack. Weapons once again has a durability so once you used it up many times you have to go and repair it.

The boss fights in the game are pretty awesome. They can regenerate health unlike in Yakuza 0 and each has their own moves and fighting styles to take you down.

The game like its prequel has a huge amount of variety in it. You can go to various different restaurants with its own menus. You can find collectibles such as keys for coin lockers and mesuking cards which is for the catfight minigame to give bonuses to your cat fighter of choice. Pocket circuit racing is back and it plays the same way as in Yakuza 0. You can also visit cabaret clubs and interact and go on dates with the hostesses like Karaoke. You can even visit a strip club as well as the game still has its seedier side like in Yakuza 0.

You can even fight Majima on the street at the most random times from dressing up as hostess to dancing a stripper pole and you have to defeat him in order to learn more moves for your Dragon style and be a better fighter as well.

The fight club is back and its more varied than in 0. You can earn coliseum points to buy special items only available in the underground coliseum.

It still can feel restrictive as there is a lot of areas you can't go to. And invisible walls from one place to another.

The objectives can be redundant and makes you go backtrack from location to location often from time to time.

You have to save manually by going to hideouts or by finding telephone booths as autosave is not available for this game.

The world of Karmucho still has limited space and its not a big map. Its somewhat different than in Yakuza 0 it feels more contemporary and still familiar if you had play any of the Yakuza games.

You can play minigames online up to 2 players if you choose to do so.

Its quite the journey this game has.

It gets 4 stars

If you like the series or you want to get started on the series. Pick this game up.

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