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Flcl is an anime ova series created by Gainax and Production I.G way during the 2000s. It was pretty popular during its time as it really represented a new age of anime that was to come during that period.

It focuses on the wild misadventures of a Alien Haruko and the people the alien encounters during the story. I’ll be focusing on the first one.

The chemistry between Haruko and anyone she interacts with was really compelling and one of the best things about the series.

The comedy too was pretty funny and still is to this day with its wild sense of humor.

The voice acting was also good too.

The atmosphere was trippy and weird and its perfect. The whole story in mind, was focused on doing the unbelivable in anime and not just what kind of conventions were being made at the time.

The art and animation still holds up well too.

There was quite a bit of pop culture references in it too.

The music is really good and its not the same without the band that performs the music.

The characters were all pretty charming.

Its short but there is a lot more story later on from future installments.

Overall it was a fun story.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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