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Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney anime is an adaptation of the first 3 games and it focuses on Pheonix Wright a lawyer who defends clients and tries to get the real culprit put behind prison and solve the mystery to what really was the cause of events that went on.

The episodes are pretty close to the original story with some new to the story moments in it but sadly due to running time, certain parts of the story were skimmed throughout the episode.

Just as before too some of the cases make some really illogical moments that leaves the viewer really confused like the infamous circus case which is just as bad as the original game.

Pacing wise its in multiple episodes and not the typical 12 episode format often used in anime these days due to mainly budgetary reasons so its able to show the multiple days that court cases go on for most part giving a close as possible interpertation from game to anime, otherwise in terms of story its somewhat faster than in the original games since its in anime format.

Same as before too Pheonix has to go around ask questions and utilize evidence and find contrasting points to use in their arguments to figure out who the real culprit is especially with the judge being a easily misled and gulliable buffon like before.

The characters too are also as close to the original games too and as before characters like Franzika will be still as agravating as before with their nasty personalities and easily ready to jump to conclusions kind of moments in the story.

Character development of the original games is still there too.

Otherwise the rest of the main cast is as amazing as they were in the games.

Maya especially really stood out as one of the best characters in the anime just as they were in the games helping Pheonix out and delivering some of the best jokes in the series too.

The voice acting and dialogue like in the games itself its incredible.

The music too was also pretty good.

The animation from aniplex was pretty solid as time gets by that is, because its kind of on a rough start intially when the show starts and the artstyle as always is pretty good.

The cgi on the otherhand, even the 3d graphics of the newer games looks way better than this.

Overall it was a pretty good adaptation.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

It really does remain to be seen even with ghost trick making a comeback on next gen consoles and other capcom games getting a new lease on life, from Resident Evil to Devil May Cry Ace Attorney still kind of remains behind with only just new ports nothing wrong with that but still, I really think now is as good as time as any to bring newer games in the series.


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