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The Legend Of Heroes tear of vermillion

The legend of heroes iv is a psp port of one of the original legend of heroes games initially for the ps1. 

Its the typical falcom jrpg plot attack and dethrone god and nothing really special about it. 

The story does take some time for things to get started since you often do side quests here and there. 

Its a fairly linear game so don’t really expect much exploration as you see in the other games. 

The characters are average at best too like really nobody was that interesting at all whatsoever. 

The battle system is also atypical of a falcom turn based game too. 

You can use special abilities to help you out in combat to deal massive damage to enemies. 

The graphics are ok and the art is decent too its not as refined as future games are as expected. 

Another part of Legend of Heroes is the pet system. Players will be followed around the entire game by a randomly assigned cat, dog, or rabbit with an active mood. Players are able to feed or scold the pet and the pet will give Avin items if it’s  happy. 

There is a good amount of back tracking too. 

Its fairly easy too so its good for newcomers. 

However it can be on the slow side though.


Also as expected from falcom jrpgs, expect the dialogue and the quality of localization to be really below subpar. 

The amount of grammar errors in it has to be one of the worse cases of localization I've seen in a long time its just as really bad as the Akys published otome games. 

Cutscenes can drag on for sometime a symptom of the older falcom games.


The music is pretty good. 

Overall its another average at best game from Falcom. 

t gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

At this point you can only expect 3  things from Falcom, terrible localization,a great music soundtrack yet at the same time a pretty below average convoluted story/meh characters from so much detours and padding that its "amazing" honestly how they managed to keep being around for so long here’s hoping the new Tokyo Xanadu and Farewell Zemuria games do better than the ones in the past entries. 


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