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Yggdra union

Yggdra union is a jrpg created by sting entertainment and part of the mythology themed series of jrpgs they have created during the 2000s called department heaven. 

Its like fire emblem in its earlier days where you focus on battle after battle and not really on grinding and also multiple endings too and tactics focused gameplay. 

The story is average at best its the typical attack and dethrone god type stuff but theres more story in the psp version. 

Also included is new skills and naturally new characters too. 

Theres also a focus on cards too where each card has an effect on combat to aid you and if you lose all cards or have a certain character die its gameover and it is kind of annoying though it may have come from my negative expiernces with chains of memories back when i was really getting into kingdom hearts even more so years ago. 

Theres also the ability to switch from offensive and defensive to even the tide of battle for a limited time. 

You can recover in between combat your health. 

The art was pretty decent and so were the graphics too. 

You can fast forward combat. 

Be careful with the rage meter enemies have as it can lead to some nasty stuff happening in battle. 

If you initiate combat first you can get the jump on enemies. 

The music was pretty good and alot of it for a psp disc. 

Its tactical based as mentioned, battles are called “unions” and you can level up stats as time goes by naturally but here it can take a long while from what i find. 

Theres a day and night cycle that also effects how useful cards can be. 

The voice acting of the game is average at best. 

Overall it was a overstuffed and ok at best jrpg. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

Theres a remastered version of this on the switch and even Riveria the promised land has one too but here’s the thing, its Japan only and even Knights in nightmare another part of the mythology series hasn’t even come out on the switch yet even though a remaster of this was announced so its pretty strange as the games were pretty successful at the time of its release and the only way to get them is by importing them from Japan. 


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