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silent hill hd collection

Silent Hill hd collection, is a remaster of silent hill 2 and 3 for the ps2. 

The game is also notorious for its technical issues due to the developers not getting the right source code from Konami unfortunately. 

One such issue i found was with the textures that made the game even harder to see than it really should have been. Otherwise the graphics and art for its time looks pretty decent. 

The controls too its not exactly the best since its tank controls from the ps1 to ps2 era. 

The new voice acting too wasn’t really good but theres an option to have the original voice acting. 

The camera design was kind of dizzying because of the tank control format. 

Aside from these issues a good percentage of the gameplay is pretty decent and the story especially still holds up really well.

The combat is like the original resident evil game, with you having to point at a direction and aim to hit an enemy and ammo and medical supplies are going to be sparse. 

The monster designs on that note are pretty iconic and gross especially the pyramidhead. 

The level design especially as time goes by becomes more complex and disorienting especially when you reach the maze part in silent hill 2. 

The subway design in silent hill 3 easily overtakes the resident evil 6 subway section.  

The story too going back to it, its incredibly grotesque and disturbing certainly but at the same time its something that you will hardly ever will see in todays gaming horror genre its enemies are psychological based meaning that they’re based around the fears of the characters and the fog too its part of the curse in the small town of silent hill. 

The story themes too are all interesting and lot of the content in it is not for the faint of heart from mental illness and sexual desires too each game has its own unique take of messed up side of life from a psychological viewpoint. 

Pretty interesting coincidence that silent hill 2 came out only just a few days after 9/11 happened and one of the themes is how grief and death are handled and the after effects of trauma too. 

The newer versions of silent hill 2 also has an updated story that gives more insight to the world.  

Also keep in mind that maps can only really be read when there is light around its not like in other games where you can view it anytime. 

Radios are also used to detect if enemies are nearby. 

Silent hill 3 is fairly on the short side but still engaging nonetheless. 

The characters were compelling and interesting to get to know. 

Theres a good amount of puzzle solving and of course backtracking to be expected. 

The music is pretty solid and so were the audio effects too. 

It was an ok at best remaster overall. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 

The original games would have been an instant 5 stars but the remastered version unfortunately due to Konami’s odd history of shifty behavior its going to be lowered. 



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