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piofore 1926

Piofore 1926 is a sequel to the first Piofore otome visual novel. 

Like before it focuses on Lilana and her life with the mob in Burlone Italy. 

Its as Edgy and Bungo Stray Dog like as before with its story and its a fairly long game too. 

Lot of recyled backgrounds of course as expected otherwise the art is as good as before. 

Its best to play the first Piofore game beforehand to get a better understanding of the story. 

The game this time has six set of stories taking place after the best ending of the game along with a new story too. 

Theres also is Alternativa which focuses on side stories of the lead characters but in order to unlock it you have to go through the advent calendar of the side stories to get the full story. 

The characters are the same as before insufferable save for Orlok. 

Lilli has gotten somewhat more character development here with her being able to stick up for herself more often now. 

Like before with many Akys published romance visual novels, the grammar and spelling errors is bad as ever. 

The music is as good as before. 

Overall it was a decent sequel. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 


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