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spirit hunter death mark

Spirit Hunter Death Mark is a point and click based horror visual novel.  The main focus is solving mysteries and banishing the ghosts in haunted locations and find out why they ended up there. Ugly marks appear on peoples skin and it portends imminent horrible death for the person who has the mark. You arrive at a haunted building with the strange mark and no recollection of your past. One wrong move can mean instant death. You have to fight evil spirits and scout your surrounding for items that can help you survive. 

The game utilizes a first person perspective as you move across from location to location while investigating things. There are six chapters and with the slow pacing, the game can take some time to play. The horror atmosphere here is pretty interesting and it can get very violent and bloody. At certain parts of the game, you fight battles against ghosts and you have to pick the right item combination to banish them. There is a health meter where you have to quickly make the right choice or else its game over.

You can use and find items in your inventory as part of exploration and puzzle solving.  You can customize the appearance of your character and you need a partner to assist you in decision making. The localization of this game is pretty awkward from time to time especially with some censorship. The characters designs were generally ok and the music is decent.The music is pretty decent. 

Overall it was a decent vn.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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