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Advance Wars

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin is the “latest” entry in the Advance Wars series from Intelligent Systems and was released in January 2008. The tone here is bleak and grim unlike the mainline games from what I understand. This game is also said to be separate from the other games so you can start with this one as an entry point.

It focuses on a post-apocalyptic setting between 2 warring factions and trying to stop the war and the resulting total world destruction. There were some humor which seemed out of place given the grim nature of the game.

Gameplay wise like Fire Emblem its taking out all the enemies.The graphics were generally decent and the art design was good too. I personally liked Lin’s One the most as that has been the one I can most remember about since I've learned about this series.

You have air, navy and ground troops at your disposal. You can set up command posts of different functions to help you in combat and also take over enemy command posts. You can replay previous chapters to help grind up and train your characters. The multiplayer part I can’t comment on since Nintendo’s Wi-Fi for the DS has long since ended. There are several missing features and modes from the previous games from what I have researched, and this is not good. However, new features were added. Some military hardware are retired while newer ones are added to your armory.

Overall this was a fun strategy game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Advance Wars is getting a remake on the Switch which I am looking forward to and knowing the cult following its built from Smash and curious Fire Emblem fans, I am certain it’s going to make a good comeback.


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