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Akiba's Strip Undead And Undressed Directors Cut

Akiba’s Trip:Undead &Undressed is a sequel to the first game of the Akiba series, and this review is about theremaster for the Nintendo Switch remaster.All of the previousDLC from the original game are included here.It isaccessible to those who have not played the first game while remaining familiar to fans of the series.The plot is similar as the previous game and takes place in the city of Akihabara. A group of modified humans called synthisters are planning to take over Japan and you, who was recently turned into one,has to stop them.You have to defeat them by stripping off all their clothes so that they will be exposed to sunlight and die.

If you’re expecting something like Tokyo Ghoul or Shiki you really are not going to enjoy this. Like the first game, it is full of fanservice for both genders and it is extremely proud of its Otaku identity.It fixes an issue in the last game where you have to go outside of the area to view the map but now you can view it on your smartphone anytime you like.

It’s a beat em up like before and there is a new feature where you can heal in combat by holding the l button on the controller. Combat is pretty easy to pick up and play for beginners for the most part. Now there is a partner system where they can help you in combat and unison strip where and your partner can strip an enemy down. It can be overwhelming when some enemies just gang up on you. The sister bonding returns where you can develop a close relationship with your sister for some bonuses.

The voice acting and dialogue are perfectly cheesy. Even crazier how its fully voiced too especially in today’s standards. Dialogue choices for the most part do matter as the endings do vary. The artstyle is decent but the graphics are not the highest quality. The music was ok.

You can fuse equipment like weapons or clothing together to be more powerful.

There is quite a bit of replay value in it. New is a sandbox mode which allows you to do whatever you like with all of the weapons and clothing in the game. You can visit a variety of stores, about 130 of them and many are based on notable stores in Japan. It’s a fairly accurate recreation of Akihabara during the early 2010 period when the game was released. You can take on a variety of different side quests and there is a lot of replay value.

Overall, it was a decent game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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