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Witch And Hundred Knight

The Witch And The Hundred Knight is a JRPG by Nippon Ichi Software and tells the story of the evil witch Metallia and her devious attempt to turn the world into one huge swamp. You play as The Hundred Knight who is basically Metallia’s flunky, who accompanies Metallia on her journey to cause chaos and rebellion in the realms. 

The game utilizes a rogue like style of gameplay meaning if you spend too long exploring, its game over. However, it is not actually randomly generated like the typical rogue like game. The gameplay is below average and outdated even by early 2010s JRPG standards. A lot of the features just feel underdeveloped and designed without too much effort. The graphics is below average and NIS has a long history of poor 3D style. This is the earliest I could find along with Mugen Souls. 

The characters were unlikable even by NIS usual cadre of power hungry characters, this one right here is just at its lowest. Metallia especially has to be even more obnoxious than Larhal or any of the female leads in Disgaea and one of the most detestable character in a video game. The art was generally fine but the dialogue was horrendous. The voice acting was generally poor as well.  Especially with the mouse zoophila rape early on after defeating one of the bosses joke i swear Aubrey Graham must have wrote in with one of his weird pervert kinks and Kendrick has yet to talk about that in 6:09 in Toronto lol. I get weird humor is NIS thing but at the same time i've laughed at better weird jokes at Needy Streamer Overdose not from a NIS game and this one i think has to be the very worst in a long history of nothing but total dogshit level jokes NIS has ever made in its long history of publishing and developing games.

The game is fairly long and there are moments where you can choose the dialogue but the story mostly progress the same. You can raid villages for items to use in combat. 

If the player is KO ‘ed while exploring, they will return to Metallia's house and forfeit any items they acquired during their adventure. The player may raid NPC villages to gain items, although this increases the player's "karma," possibly causing NPCs to attack the player on sight if it is too high. By picking up Anima from defeated enemies, the player can use Metallia's Bucket List to do such things as lower Karma and unlock new abilities. While exploring the world, fighting enemies, and using special abilities, the player consumes Giga Calories, or “Gcals” for short. When the player runs out of Gcals, their HP begins to quickly and continuously deplete until they are KO'ed.

The player can restore Gcals by consuming food items or devouring weakened enemies in a short [quick time event]. This creates "garbage" in the Hundred Knight's stomach that takes up space and must be expelled through the use of special items. You can revisit stages to see if there is anything else you may have miss. 

Overall, this was a below par game and I would not recommend it.

It gets 2 out of 5 stars. 


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