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Bleach Dark Souls

Bleach Dark Souls is a fighting game developed by treasure and it’s a sequel to bleach blade of fate.

It has its own original story between the soul society arc and Ichigo’s departure from the soul society.

During this time it was during the second season when bleach was still ongoing.

I had to watch the anime first before I got around to this as this story was made in mind for those who were up to date with the story of bleach.

The way story progresses is like through branching paths whether you choose to do side quests or fight enemies head on.

You have to find certain colored keys sometimes to progress through the game.

The controls were pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

It’s a fighting game but also with card mechanics where each card you get gives you special abilties and bonuses and also new fighting moves were added for returning characters from blade of fate.

The mid air combos were pretty fun to pull off along with many of the other ones in the game.

It mixes in old and newer characters per the arc that was ongoing at the time.

It’s a fairly lengthy game too.

The enviromental designs too were also pretty good for a ds game.

It focuses on Ichigo and friends having to stop hollows from causing chaos around everyone.

The music is pretty decent and also the voice actors from the anime are back to reprise their roles.

I can’t really talk about the multiplayer features as usual because nintendo long since discontinued it.

The artstyle as always from Tite Kubo is incredible, and the graphics still are pretty decent by todays standards.

Theres a good amount of replay value too from doing other side quests and also purchasing extras too.

Overall it was a good game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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