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Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop phantom is an anime adaptation of the light novel series of the same name.

The story focuses around a group of high school kids who are caught up in some strange supernatural related events going on and also the characters interpersonal relationships with others too and their character development throughout the story.

Its told in a mostly formulaic approach here.

The term boogiepop in the series is basically something like a shinigami responsible for the mysterious “disapearences” of anyone they come across.

The dark and edgy atmosphere was perfect and even the now not so easily aged animation it just goes well with it and the artstyle too was good.

I liked the story themes too and the focus of complicated psychological story telling in addition too.

The background design of the world was also pretty good too.

The characters themselves are generally ok for the most part.

So the story concept of it is pretty interesting.

The music and even the sound design of the anime was also good too.

The voice acting was fairly ok too.

It’s a fairly short show with about 12 episodes in it.

Overall it was a pretty good show.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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