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Date A Live

Date A Live is an anime series based on the books of the same name, and I've reviewed the games years ago on the ps4 but now years later, i've finally gotten around to watching the anime.

It focuses on Shido a high school student who is dating various spirits who each have their own unique destructive power and its up to Shido to their best in keeping them happy by dating them in various outings in order to help keep the peace as in the story, they were said to be blamed for spacial quakes in Japan and if a spirit is unhappy, then could the destructive powers be summoned so Shido with assistance has to choose the best dialogue option to keep the girls they see happy no matter how insane they may be.

The concept itself is unique for a romance themed story.

Lot of the comedy can range from outrageous misunderstandings to annoying slapstick humor it just grates after a while.

The characters were a hit and miss, I honestly never liked Kotori due to how abusive they can be and Shido can be something of a pushover and dense too from time to time.

The number of girls increases over the seasons leading for Shido to be put into wider array of scenarios some get more screen time than others admittedly.

Kurumi on the other hand, she's the greatest yandere in anime history right up there with Yuno Gasai, and she has a sense of justice not just lick shido in hot and kinky ways lol, she kills animal abusers,loves cats especially and has a pretty sad past too her so she's a pretty interesting character and also easily one of the greatest female action anti heroines in anime history too.

The animation quality various from season to season due to differing studios but for the most part, its pretty serviceable and the artstyle and character designs were decent enough.

Pacing also varies too depending on who’s animating it and what content is going to be sadly cut.

The voice acting was pretty good especially for Kurumi who is honestly one of the best voiced female lead characters in not only sub but also dub in anime history because of how well voiced they are and Kurumi's dialogue was personally for me the best in the series with all of her lines being that good an.

It’s a fairly lengthy series too both anime and the books.

Quite a lot of fanservice over the years and it makes sense given the plot of the story does it go kinky at times? Yes it does but again it makes sense knowing the type of anime it is.

I honestly couldn’t take the end of the world like plot seriously because of the number of lighthearted moments in it now in retrospect its really just dumb fun at the end of the day.

The action itself was ok nothing really that special Kurumi's Zakeael moments though was pretty cool to see and its where the anime gets surprisngly kind of bloody here and there otherwise fine for the most part.

Overall it was a decent series.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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