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Demon Slayer

Demon slayer is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name.

It focuses on Tanshiro a member of demon slayer corps who is fighting demons in order to cure his sister from a curse that has turn her into a cannibalistic like demon creature with some sentience left after his family was slaughtered by them.

So its basically another good vs evil type of shit and in a way kind of reminding me of ninja scroll and the old ovas/movies with demons in it I remember reviewing back in the day of this sites infancy state.

The comedy was eh ok, Inosuke had the best jokes of the anime and any scene he was in was basically where the comedy really was at its best for me.

The historical setting was interesting enough, almost like it’s devil may cry but in feudal japan lol.

It’s a fairly long series too like still a lot more arcs still to come to be adapted.

the atmosphere was pretty dark and it defiently does have its edge to it in spite of it being a shonen.

The action was pretty decent enough to keep you entertained.

The artstyle too was also pretty decent and I did liked the character designs too. The visuals really were just pretty to look at.

The animation from ufotable was appealing and so was the visuals too.

I did enjoyed the music too from Yuki Kaijira and gurrenge by Lisa is a certifeid hood classic for sure.

The characters were generally ok enough to keep you following through with the story.

Tanshiro you can tell that he was really that dedicated to his sister nezuko and no, I had no issues at all with any of the sexualization stuff in it I was basically indifferent to it and it’s a fucking shonen anime what the fuck does a fucking braindead schizo wokescold expect? Fucking marxist shit like Miyazaki does with his works? No its supposed to keep you entertained especially since one of the characters wives in the series is like a fucking haremlord so yeah in that area, it makes sense for the fanservice to exist there so perosnally 0 issues with the fanservice side of things.

Nezuko on the otherhand well she’s there to be a precious type 2 diabetic sweetheart for much of the time she is in spite of being cursed with demonhood lol.But don’t worry she still has her badass moments in it from time ot time.

Shinobu was pretty cute too loved her purple hair a lot.

But otherwise yeah not really the most original per say in terms of characters we prolly seen before hundreds of times.

I felt it was pretty slow sometimes pretty much another reason why I was kind of meh to the series.

Gotta say, the voice acting on the otherhand with the subs was pretty fucking amazing even for characters I honestly wasn’t really that all caring about.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

To be honest here, I only really just reviewed this like jjk and csm just because of well to see what was the series really about and honestly, this just reminds me why I mainly stick to older and more lesser known stuff 1 part because of the braindead fanbase and another part is because I just can’t really buy the hype at all honestly and I am so not going to be reviewing any seasonal at all honestly as long as I'm still breathing because I have my preferences to stick till death do us apart with.

And if the shonentard schizos be it from shitholes like reddit,twitter,tiktok or fucking youtube has a problem with it, please go to the nearest hospital and book a visit to the schizoward for all eterinity cause you fuckers do not deserve anything at all honestly and bring nothing but misery and cancer to others more than a fucking bat in a wuhan exotic food market could with the pandemic. God I hate fucking shonentards as much as I hate furries and sanrio fans these days. :/

That being said peace out ya’ll and thanks a bunch for reading this belated anniversary review I've made to honor the site being around half a decade now lol late I know sorry bout that because I wanted to get other shit done first but now the late anniversary review is finally here thanks a bunch again for the support over the years and lets keep this misanthorpy angst edgelord site going for centuries more to come and that being finally said now again lol peaceout yall.


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