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Draglade is a DS game that combines music and fighting to create a unique experience. It was developed by Dimps (who is notable for doing a lot of Street Fighter and dbz related games over the years) and published by Atlus for the US.

Its set in the far off future where much of the world is powered by “matter”. Special device called G-cons are used to absorb matter and convert it to a weapon. One such weapon is called Glades and many people in the world use them for spectator sport. Grappling is one sport where you take part in unique competitions to defeat the opponent and win.

The story isn’t the most original since outside of the concept, it is the same old attack and dethrone evilcorporate guy.but the gameplay however does have a unique take on the fighting genre.The graphics were fine and so was the art and character designs.The dialogue is cliched and the and characters boring and one dimensional although each has his/her own story.The music was pretty decent as well.

You can choose your own character with their own backstory and abilities in combat. The control system was unique, you just have to press a button instead of forming a combo to use special abilities. It is an easy to pick up and play type of game and you level up by defeating enemies and you get money and experience at the end of the stage. You can customize and buy various new abilities to help you as time goes by. Pressing the l button summons the rhythm game aspect where the better you time your move, the more powerful your hits become. There was a decent number of enemies to fight though some of them tend to rely on blocking attacks quite frequently. Each stage had its own unique hazards which help differentiate them.

I can’t talk about the multiplayer cause well like many Nintendo games by now, internet services have long since discontinued. There is some replay value in it.

Overall, it was an ok game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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