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FE 3 houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the newer entries in the franchise and the first console game since Radiant Dawn for the Wii was released in 2007. The Blue Lions, Golden Deer and Black Eagles are the three Kingdoms (Houses) that jointly role Fodlan, the place where the story takes place. The game is full of colourful characters, great locations and superb battles. You play as Byleth, a teacher who trains students in battle.

I also liked the art and the graphics as well too.

Theres also lots of side activities to help you bond with them like cooking food and having lunch with them.

The game has a time management system so you have to spend your time wisely. You get more choices to enhance your reputation as a teacher as you progress. Whenever you get free time, you can use it to take part in the numerous missions, improve your own skills in combat or spend time with faculty or students. Tea time is where you can get to have one on one personal interactions.

You have to choose the right dialogue to get closer to a certain student or faculty member. On weekdays, you can tutor your students on various skills to help them improve their combat abilities. Your students also have skill goals and the more you focus on them, the better they become at mastering specific skills. Then there is also the certification exam where every 10 levels, the characters can level up to another class and become more powerful in combat. You can also recruit other characters to help you in combat not just your own students like teachers or mercenaries.

A new gameplay feature called movement types is introduced which focuses on which character is best for suited role. Support conversations are back where talking between classmates and others enhance their relationships. Gambits are new feature where you can recruit battalions to deal massive damage to enemies. Crest powers also allows you to use powerful abilities in combat.

It’s a pretty easy game in the series and there are many complaints that it is too easy, but this game does not have phoenix mode where characters can come back from the dead, after dying. Paralogues and side stories also go more in depth to the characters you have befriended in the game. There are lots of replay value in the game like new routes and bonuses.

There were some minor peeves. Sometimes maps can be pretty annoying to do with not much variety in them. Its usually kill enemy boss or kill all enemies and that’s about it. The story was somewhat repeitive from time to time with not much change in how it progresses. Overall, Three Houses was a great game to play and highly entertaining.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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