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house of the dead remake

House Of The Dead is a remake of the original light gun arcade game series of the same name.The story is as same as the original game where AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G infiltrate a mansion to stop Dr.Curien from conducting zombie experiments. It is an on rails shooter where you move the cursor to shoot enemies and collect objects and save people but be careful not to kill them as you may need their help from time to time. You can acquire a variety of weapons by unlocking certain parameters. In Horde mode, you can fight waves of zombies.

The dialogue and the voice acting were not up to standardwith the dialogue being pretty cheesy. The graphics were bad, and I've seen WII, PS2 and PS1 games that have better graphics but at least the artstyle was faithful as the original.The musicwasnot the same as the original due to licensing issues.

House Of The Dead isn’t like Resident Evil which is mostly serious but still has elements of Japanese b-movie horror here and there. It is a pretty short game with just four chapters. There were a decent variety of unique bosses per each level. The controls took some time to get used to, but you can swap it out with light gun controllers to replicate the arcade experience.

Overall, it was an ok remake.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

There is a remake of the sequel coming out soon but I rather the original games be ported to modern consoles especially Overkill extended cut.


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