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Ibitsu is a horror manga focusing on the gruesome murders of a gothic lolita type monster that if summoned will kill someone in a brutal way, kind of similar to bloody mary 3 times in the mirror so its kind of inspired by urban legends in horror.

The art is pretty stylish and facinating, and I did liked the design of ibitsu too.

Quite a good amount of twists here and there to keep the suspense up too. It doesn’t start off as a horror at first but as time goes by it does start to pick up the pace with its horror stylization.

It can be pretty gory at times so some scenes aren’t going to be exactly for the faint of heart.

The ibitsu in terms of behavior is kind of similar to other crazy stalker types like say Yuno Gasai from future diary.

The atmosphere is right there just the right amount of creepiness to it.

Its kind of short too with only about 15 chapters to the story.

Overall it was a pretty decent manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars


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