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Key the metal idol

Key the metal idol is an anime 15 part ova series that focuses on a cyborg idol who wishes to become a human and takes up being a musician to help her reach her goal of being human by making 30 thousand friends.

So the cyborg idol moves from their small country to the big city but then realizes something much bigger than what she really expected was going on.

I did like the chemistry between the characters too.

The concept was pretty interesting as lot of idol themed anime usually focuses on glitz and glamor here its mecha action especially since you have the Xenogears character desigenr working on it.

The cyberpunk meets idol atmosphere was really facinating. I did also like the sense of mystery the story also had too.

The artstyle of the anime holds up pretty well along with its animation too.

The voice acting was generally ok some of them were not exactly the best either too.

The music was pretty good too.

Its fairly short too about 15 episodes.

Otherwise the pacing can feel inconsistent at times like scenes taking forever to get to the point at times.

Overall it was a pretty decent series.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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