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kirby return to dreamland deluxe

Kirby return to dreamland deluxe is a remastered version of the original return to dreamland on the wii.

It was supposed to be for the gamecube at one point but eventually it moved the wii and eventually the switch.

It focuses on Kirby once again off to save the world after a mysterious dark force threatens it.

Theres also a new epilogue mode too that showcases more what happened after the story.

It has the typical 2d style platformer kirby has inhale enemies reach to the end maybe solve some puzzles and fight really massive bosses.

Some new abilities were given too like the mecha one that wasn’t in the original and also had a lot of fun with that feature.

Super abilities are temporary power ups that make your current abilities even more powerful than they already are.

Just like before 100 stars means extra lives.

Its multiple stages in one world but each of them have their own unique style to them.

Its pretty easy to pick up and play and a good start for beginners.

The controls were easy to pick up and play.

The graphics looks pretty good and so did the art.

As usual, it has the lighthearted mix with world ending dark atmosphere the series is known for.

Theres a bunch of new features to also make it even more accessible to newcomers like an assist mode that saves you from falling pits and also extra health and random abilities in case you need it like in boss battles.

Theres a bunch of mini games in a mode called merry magdoland too including one that was based of star ride on the gamecube as well as some other throwback games too. Its currently the closest we have to seeing the legendary superstar ultra on the switch. The more missions you complete you'll unlock lot more as time goes by almost like in the super smash bros games back in the day.

Theres a good amount of replay value, like the stamps which was added in the game to encourage stage replay and completeing them means extra rewards too.

Theres a co-op multiplayer feature too.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

I think most likely next to be remastered is star ride or super star ultra and I hope nintendo does both soon enough specially with the success they’ve been having with metroid prime’s remastered success.


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