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Live A Live

Live A Live is a JRPG game that was originally a Japan exclusive,because atthe time of release, it was seen as too niche to appeal to international audiences. It is now rebuilt and modernized due to the growing popularity of Square Enix’s recent success with the hd-2d style they’ve been utilizing for some of their recent gamesand this was one of them.This was Yoko Shimoura’s debut for JRPG after working on fighting games forCapcom for a major part of her careerand it’s a really good start.

Live a Live focuses on 8 characters each with their own individual narratives and how completing them all forms create the complete picture of the events and the story.Each character has their own style of gameplay, whether its random encounters or face to face combat and some have leveling up while some do not.Each story has its own tone and atmosphere, and each has its own unique artstyle.

The art and graphic design here is really good.The ninja era uses stealth so fighting is not encouraged.

Its turned base using a 7 x 7 grid to point where you want to go or attack your enemies and each character you have has their own special ability to use in combat.

Bars are added representing a character's health and "charge" time before their move is executed. Other additions include a sparkling effect over items and materials that can be gathered, a display showing a move's area of effect, and an optional radar system which shows the position of objectives on the map. Skills can be used without limit, though some take multiple turns to charge.

Abilities add extra properties, like healing and dealing more damage. There are also different skill systems in place; there is leveling up with experience points which unlocks new abilities. You can learn new techniques by observing enemies. Each character can also equip and use items, such as accessories to boost attack or items to recover health. If the player character, or party, is defeated, the game ends. You can unlock art to view and also listen to music.

Overall, playing this game was an enjoyable experience.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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