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master of the monster lair

Master of the monster lair is a ds jrpg by ATLUS and this game focuses on you creating dungeons and setting up traps to lure out bosses as part of a tourist trap plan by the village’s mayor who plans to profit of from the dangers ahead.

The story as expected is going to be very tropey and really not the most original.

The characters are not really original either too everyone was just cliched and uninteresting.

You can do side quests to help you get acess to better equipment,spells and traps and items you can place in the dungeons each dungeon has its own requirements in order for you to lure out the boss.

The story was so thin that you can basically forget about anything and just do whatever you want.

The online features are long since finished.

Its turned based combat and its pretty easy especially as time goes by when you eat food to boost your stats.

Creating dungeons is simple you just dig the path and place where you want your unique traps and just wait till the boss comes up. They get lot more larger as time goes by.

The more bosses you defeat the more energy your shovel gets to keep on digging and place more traps.

That’s really the entire formula of the game.

You gain a blob as a party member that can adapt skills and traits from enemies you fight in the game.

The artstyle was pretty decent and the graphics were ok.

You can cook various food to raise your stats based on the ingreidents you find.

The music was fine too.

Overall it was a decent game.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Surprsingly there was even a spin off from this game at some point Date ni Gametsui wake ja ne! Dungeon Maker Girl’s Type but its unlikely I plan on reviewing this too anytime soon as yeah this game was below average and you have to be a hardcore atlus fan to enjoy it.


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