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moon rpg remix

Moon RPG Remix is a remastered version of the original Japanese exclusive I imported this physical copy from Japan on the switch and it does have English subtitles and the dialogue in this game is pretty hilarious and it easily reflects how the game doesn’t take itself seriously.

Toby Fox’s interactions with the development team was what inspired them to translate this game to international audiences.

The game was developed by love-de-lic initially but has now since been remasterd by Onion games which comprises of former devs from love-de-lic which in turn was comprised from former squaresoft develoeprs who wanted to try something unusual and different from convential jrpgs at the time.

The story is about a young kid who gets drawn into a RPG world and heres the twist, instead of attack and dethrone god its restoring life and love in the world after the “hero” went rogue and on a killing spree and now its up to you to help everyone and go to the moon on the way.

The graphics well its pretty cheesy and sure its ugly looking but it just fits the weird charm it has. The art too is pretty quriky and fitting.

The atmosphere is strange and unusual and sure it looks funny on the outside but some moments of the game particularly one where you find out about a baker selling “recycled bread” really showed how messed up it can be sometimes.

Your going to have to be careful with time management here, as if a certain amount of time is up you’ll die but the more love you collect the longer you can stay alive especially when it comes to catching animals who often have ways to be collected but sometimes it can be tricky to catch them.

Time follows a set calendar that runs in real time. Solarday, a day-off, is the equivalent to Sunday. Crescenday is Monday, Blazeday is Tuesday, Tearsday is Wednesday, Leavesday is Thursday, Coinsday is Friday, and Echoday is like Saturday. The world's inhabitants (and the animal's souls, too) follow their own regular schedules each week. Hero leaves behind the corpses of the animals he has killed all over the world. Boy must catch the soul that manifests, whereupon the soul is whisked away to the Moon and the Boy obtains "Love". A soul appears during a certain time of day each week.

The player increases Boy's Love Level by discovering the secret wishes of Real Moon's people. Boy must then grant the idiosyncratic wishes of each person. Sometimes Love comes from readily apparent events, but there are secret and time-limited events Boy must fulfill. "Love" grows by levels. The player preserves progress by going to bed and entering a dream state. By leveling up Boy, the time he can exist in the world (his "action limit") increases. When Boy's "action limit" falls to zero, the player gets a game over.

In the game, the player can change the background music at nearly any time. One can purchase or find "MoonDiscs" (M.D.), each of which grants one new song performed by commercial artists. Some locations, of course, have programmatic music. The player can also collect other special items. "Name cards" are cards featuring the in-game characters, which reveal information and hints about their background and wishes. "Chips" are integral to the game's story. They act as sacred texts that reveal the past, the present, and the future of Real Moon. The player must decide what to do based on the words and pictures featured on the chips.

The music itself was pretty decent too.

Overall this is a very interesting game.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

SEGAGAGA is one other example that just goes all in with parodying the Japanese gaming industry and its certainly really interesting to see it be brought to international audiences too.


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