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Ocultic Nine

Occultic nine is an anime adaptation of the visual novel of the same name made by the same team who has worked on the science adventure series.

Like in any sciadv entry you can look at this without having to watch the previous anime or play the games.

It focuses on a blogger Yuta Gamon who runs “kiri kiri basasa” which covers articles relating to the occult and he and 8 other idiocscranatic individuals go around solving mysteries in the occult. Which leads to an even bigger conspiracy after investigating a recent death of a college professor.

His main goal is to earn a profit from the articles he covers relating in occultic matters.

Like in the Science Adventure series, it embraces its otaku roots and the story itself is in otaku nature.

The story idea this time is supernatural but it still mixes in scientific explanations for supernatural events which I found interesting. Sadly though the explanations of it just comes across as rushed and improperly developed.

The artstyle looks pretty interesting and the animation looked very appealing.

The background designs looked really well too.

I really liked the unique character designs as well. Ryota’s one however, it looked really Awkard for having those massive breasts to the point it just distracted from pivtol scenes so there is an element of unecessary fanservice here.

There was a good amount of comedy here but it can come across as cheesy.

The atmosphere like in a typical science adventure work is pretty dark and it does have its share of gory moments in it from time to time.

The voice acting was good for the most part in sub and dub.

The musical score was nice as well.

The pacing suffers from inconsistency like introducing so many plot points and characters all at once making things so convoluted and like in Chaos Child and Chaos Head conversations can be pretty tough to follow as the science here is just so rushed out because of the short run time.

The sense of mystery was good and managed to keep things well hidden. The plotwists as well were nicely hidden and not easily spotted.

The characters well I had mixed feelings about them. A lot can be faulted with its run time and also their role of importance varies as well despite them being connected to the main story with being delegated to smaller roles.

Yuta for example, he can be pretty cowardly and easily gullible at times. Yuta can be so self pitying at times as well too.

Gamon one of the other characters, is just so hyper active and just over reacts to many things in the story.

Often in the story characters do make impulsive and reckless decisions.

Its pretty short and a lot of story is condensed, to fill in the few episodes that it does have.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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