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Our World Has Ended

Our World Has Ended is a visual novel that focuses on a small independent video game development team trying to figure out whats causing random disasters to occur and a much bigger plot involved in it so on paper, its sort of simiilar to the Science Adventure series with all sorts of conspiracy theories and science fiction stuff added in.

I liked the video game development team concept it almost kind of reminded me of segagaga for the dreamcast.

This development team judgement 7 is focusing on virtual reality and its set in the mid 2010s which makes sense as at this time, virtual gaming while nowhere ever going to replace traditional console gaming, its really made its advances from a rough start with the virtua boy to now with companies like sony having their own vr line of games and I thought it was interesting the concept of the story.

The characters are all pretty much, very eccentric and very proud of their passion in video game development too. But they all honestly felt way more like rip offs from characters from the science adventure series while sure you can see the same types of characters in other types of stories, here it just rips off pivitoal character details and repackages them into bland cutouts that aren’t really anything interseting here.

The plot can take a really long while to get things really going because of how distracted it can be with so much things going on.

The game is notable for its very much adult sense of humor and these jokes will appear a lot every few moments to the point, it just starts becoming more like grade school kids learning how to curse and vandalize their schoolbooks with dirty jokes than actually hilarious, even Shimoneta’s sense of humor had better execution than this.

Don't expect the game to have the kind of atmosphere steins gate or chaos would have, it retains its own unique feel like what the rest of the science adventure series would revolve around, but this atmosphere was even more cheesier than what Robotic Notes had.

Gameplay as expected from visual novels it can be pretty limiting here its choose the dialogue option and see where things go from here with the s.o.s system.

The s.o.s system can be super annoying as it can be almost like trial and error to get the text option you want to get.

The localization of this game is really bad, as I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but there was a lot of grammar and spelling errors.

The artstyle was pretty good and I did liked the character designs too.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Honestly if this would sold well, chances while slim, we could have had project hacker kakusei be brought over to next gen consoles like the switch and if anything, this is pretty much a lewd spirtual stripped down sucessor to project hacker.

There was also even talks of bringing over the updated version developed by mages inc and a sequel to this game, but really I think its best that project hacker would make a return than this game than this.


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