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Persona Trinity Soul

Persona trinity soul is an anime spin off from persona 3 and its not really canon either.

It focuses on solving the mystery of the apathy virus and a bigger conspiracy that the characters find out too.

The biggest problem with the anime, i found was the pacing it can be pretty slow and boring at times too.

It shares the typical story themes seen in the persona games.

i like the setting of Ayangi city its set in 2020 so you can say it was ahead of the time in that area too lol.

It can feel disjointed at times with so many things happening at once. Not really the most easiest story to follow.

Yeah the characters weren’t really that to keen on either really liking since they just felt pretty flat to me.

The voice acting was fine too.

The animation was decent and the art was fine too.

It had that classic 2000s spooky atmosphere to it so that was a bonus.

I did really liked the music on the otherhand.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Yeah best to purchase persona 5 tactics and persona 3 reload that’s coming up instead.

Its not surprising to me really, that the same studio who animated this was also the same studio animating persona 5’s adaptation and if anything, if persona 5 royal gets adapted it should be production I.g instead of aniplex because ATLUS/SEGA should have learned by now to be more cautious with choosing studios for their projects.


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