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Pokemon Violet

Pokemon violet is one of the more recent entries in the mainline series and the version I'll be reviewing is the violet version.

The violet version focuses on exploration to the future in contrast to scarlet which is a focus on the past.

This new setting is based around Latin culture from Portugal and Spain taking note from what black and white had done with foreign countries outside of Japan being the source of inspiration for the newer regions.

Like in the mainline games it focuses on collecting badges and earning championship but it has 3 branching storylines you can take part in at anytime all required to reach the endgame that is and it was an interesting twist to the formula.

You’re a new student in the game that just recently enrolled in the respective academy depending on which version you are playing taking part in a treasure hunt where you can learn more about pokemon on your own terms.

There's also classess you can take for rewards to help you in the journey but its not like in persona where its mandatory its just come and go.

You can send your pokemon on their own depenidng on which you have selected to gather materials and fight other pokemon as a way of auto battling and while useful the pokemon you choose I think it could be from the techincal aspect of things wanders of on its own then where you wanted it to at.

Theres also the ability to trade,duel and hang out with friends online.

You can take out photos and selfies in the game.

Also the game builds on the open world side of things even more than arceus did and its large and very impressive. Its fully seamless and you can explore anywhere you want to in the world.

Theres the pokemon centers which are now streamlined into one place for healing,guides where to go next(not always the most helpful) and purchasing and exchanging items and moves too.

You can have picnics with your pokemon and bathe them for bonuses and also make sandwiches for bonus boosts for your pokemon as well depending on the recipies and ingridents you found on your journey.

Depending on which version you get kraidon or moriadon are your bike pokemon that gains other forms of transportation as time goes by when you complete the titan missions.