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project mirai

Project mirai is a 3ds spin off of the mainline project diva games.


This game is an updated version of the original mirai game but for international audiences. 

Its similar as before with other games where its rhythm game and you unlock more songs as you go by. 

You can use touch screen tapping as you can with regular button controls. 

It has a chibi format since the game focuses on the nendoroid toy designs of vocaloids and also Gumi finally has an appearance in the game. 

Theres also new original music videos made specifically for the nendoroid models. 

The graphics are pretty decent. 

Like before theres plenty of extra content to go through from customization options to mini games like puyo. 

The consistency of representation for the characters is still kinda iffy as ever with some characters getting more songs than others and Gumi has a lot more hits its honestly surprising that Panda didn’t even made the list especially now that the composer of the song is now one of the most prolific anime and gaming musicians there is out there right now. 

It also makes use of the ar feature that’s pretty similar to the infamous Dominos Hatsune Miku promotion that happened several years ago.


The game also borrows a feature that’s extremely popular on nico nico douga, the sidescrolling comments. 

The control system is similar and straight forward as before. 

Overall it was a decent game. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 


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