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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the original game for the ps1 back in the 90s and it focuses on Clare and Leon trying to get out of Racoon City as the place has now become infested with Zombies and all sorts of monsters there.

Each of the characters have their own stories that connect at certain points and have their own unique moments to it.

Some locations are only accessible to either Leon or Clare and it won’t let you know initially until your next playthrough.

The combat here, its survival horror not really much of the crazy setpieces of later games and you really need to decide whether to fight or run as even using a knife, can be pretty risky because it can easily break and you can use it to counter enemies along with grenades to keep you away from them.

You can customize weapons with the parts you find.

You can find materials to combine be it to solve puzzles or give you extra ammo just in case you need it.

Theres a lot of backtracking on the note of puzzle solving and it actually makes sense given the survival horror focus as you’re going to have to be exploring everywhere you go to look for items to try to help you survive.

You're also going to be really careful with item management since you may need to keep it for puzzles or to heal or get out of a sticky situation but you can find, hip pouches to give you extended item storage.

The graphics were really great and the atmosphere was absoultely nightmarish and you’re not safe not for a single second in this game.

Its super gory too as death scenes and blowing off the limbs of zombies was pretty brutal and amazing really went to show how much technology has came far.

The voice acting as expected from the series is ok at best and the dialogue as expected too is total dogshit.

The updated artstyle of the remake looks really good.

Be warned, after a certain amount of time mr.x who was originally on Claire’s side of the story now appears on Leon’s story too and mr.x is one scary tyrant and as soon as you hear those footsteps you are going to have to run right away avoid any enemies as best you can just run away from mr.x.

Saving is done by manually finding typewriters and in harder difficulties have the original inkpot system you have to be really careful with.

The level designs I must say, were really good and I liked exploring around the locations.

Its a lot darker too, so you’re going to need your flashlight with you at all times.

You can board up windows too, to prevent zombies from the most part entering the building be careful where you place them as they can’t be removed later.

The game had a good amount of replay value too like the tofu fighter and HUNK’s scenario too.

The controls are easy to pick up and play.

It’s a fairly short game but not supershort like resident evil 3’s remake.

I also liked the music too.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

It parasite eve and code veronica follows this kind of style for their remakes, its an instant hit.


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