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Resident Evil 3

Resident evil 3 is a remake of the original resident evil 3 nemesis by capcom and this was outsourced to a bunch of outside game developers instead of in-house strangely.

It focuses on Jill’s escape from Racoon City, and evading a really powerful type of b.o.w known as the umbrella sent nemesis who is relentless in killing anyone who was involved in the infamous mansion incident and members are the targets to being brutally killed in horrific ways and Jill must stop this monster while getting out of the city.

It takes place around the same time as the second game where Racoon City as a result of water contamination from the t-virus absolute chaos and violence is rampant and its either fight or flight when it comes to the situation.

The story choices that affect your story are gone from the original apparently.

The graphics in the game are really good and the grim atmosphere of the original game is still there.

The art and character designs were good too.

The voice acting and dialogue as expected from the series is pretty cheesy and hilariously bad.

The combat in this game is more on the action side and combat in the game can range from either really annoying or really boring nothing in between.

Just take for example fighting hunters in a tight corridor especially with their instant kill move if you accidentally come to close to them that was not fun to go through.

Some enemies are also damage sponges too that took quite sometime to kill.

There were new enemies too like the hunters in the sewers.

You think fightining or running from the nemesis was going to be scary but it isn’t because of how scripted it was unlike the original which can come at the worst possible times randomly and it was really just dodge and shoot quickly for his fights.

On the otherhand with new enemies some of them were strangely removed too.

Defeating it will grant you customization parts for weapons to help you out in combat.

Also the item management system was pretty annoying because of how much small the selection is initially until you get more pouches to increase more items you can store.

Backtracking in the game was really annoying and just felt like it was to pad on the time.

The game was really short in fact even shorter than the original game apparently as a result of cutting out various locations and puzzles from the original game sadly.

Other sections you can play as Carlos Oliveria one of the many countless one off characters the series is really notorious for droping them in one game and only appearing very seldomly since then and his gameplay wasn’t really too special either.

You can dodge enemies and kind of slow down time which I found kind of interesting.

The music was pretty good though.

The quick time events were not fun to go through either it just felt uninteresting than scary.

While the world design of racoon city was decent and fairly straightforward, there was a bit of low res textures here and there.

Hardly any replay value here that was worth going through you unlock a store which you can earn points by completeting challenges in exchange for points but its not really worth it for something so short as i finished the game in just 2 days.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

This game needs a directors cut and as soon as possible. How was it that we went from MR.X to this is just really shocking honestly.


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