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Resident Evil Damnation

Resident Evil Damnation is part of the cgi spin off interequel movies for the games this one takes place before the events of the 6th game and is meant to help set up what would happen later on.

It places Leon and Ada Wong in the middle of a civil war conflict in Eastern Europe where the government is using b.o.w’s to escalate it and its up to them to stop it before more damage is caused. Pretty much the typical resident evil type of story as seen before.

Las Plagas in paritcular is the b.o.w strain of virus used here.

The movie has a good amount of focus on the relationship with Ada and Leon and its always been pretty interesting seeing them together.

The animation is a pretty good step up from the first movie and still holds up well.

The visual effects too were also pretty good.

The voice acting too like before is pretty decent but still has that infamous dogshit dialogue the series is well known for.

J.D in particular pretty much a lot of the comedy came from him about his facination with America even though he and his friends pretty much have a no love for America kind of viewpoint he still loves American pop culture a lot.

Everyone here except for Leon and Ada you pretty much were rooting for and not those guys since honestly they were pretty forgettable and not really worth that getting too invested into.

Its best to play the games too since the movie has quite a bit of references to the other games in it if you wanna enjoy it more.

The b.o.w’s are as horrific as before and its good seeing the tyrants come back again too.

The action was pretty decent too.

Overall it was a pretty decent movie.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Like I've said before stick to the cgi movies not the live action shit that they keep pumping out over and over again.


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