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Resident Evil Death Island

Resident Evil Death Island is currently the latest entry into the cgi movie series that serves as stand alone prequel/interequels to the games.

This movie is set a bit before the 7th game but also directly after vendetta so its best you watch the movie first before coming to watching death island.

Dylan Blake a former Umbrella Security Services and Maria Gomez from the last movie are behind a recent string of outbreaks around San Francisco through the power of drones carrying the virus infecting people at will and Dylan Blake like Glen Arias before him, is one of the very few villains who have a point and actually is sympathetic and not oh evil for the sake of it as he does point out the amount of hypocrisies and double standards from the constant cover ups and really enablement in its own ironic way of more biohazard attacks happening then really being prevented.

So out of any resident evil villain in the movies that’s pretty sympathetic but you still don’t agree with what they do I would say its Dylan Blake.

Also it’s the first time in a long while Jill makes a appearance in action since the 5th game and we finally see Jill meet Leon and Claire after so long I don’t know what the fuck it took capcom so long for but its finally here to see it happen, they were probably using the money for the on disc dlc from dumbass shill to fuel their drug orgies instead of seeing stuff that should happen decades ago finally happen now.

But yeah, that aside the voice acting is pretty decent and the dialogue is as dogshit levels of cheesiness too.

Jill is really deterimined to clean her shit up after what happened in the 5th game being under Wesker’s control for so long and she really did managed to do so in the film.

The prison setting was pretty interesting almost like Code Veronica all over again.

The action here its pretty decent too.

The animation too is also good too and the monsters as always are as fucked up as ever.

Overall it was a decent movie.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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