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Resident Evil Degeneration

Resident evil degeneration is the first cgi movie of the series that serves as prequels and interequels to the games.

It takes place way after the second game but between resident evil 4 and 5 in terms of timeline and now Claire is part of terrasave a group dedicated to helping out bioterrorist attacks and trying to prevent them while Leon is now a government agent.

So its really the typical story as seen in the games.

This focuses on Claire and Leon stopping a bioterroist attack after it recently happened in a local airport and finding out whats the cause behind this outbreak was really a result of someones own vendetta against the powers that be since in this series everyone from the government and corporations is dirty as hell no exceptions.

The voice acting was pretty decent and it still does have that terrible dialogue the series is well infamous for too.

The monsters as always look pretty insane and I can imagine fighting them in the game would be pretty tough too.

The other characters well to be honest you don’t really care about them, its really just Leon and Claire that’s really about it.

Rani was really just a Sherry Birkin placeholder since she wasn’t really there until the 6th game.

The music is pretty good.

The animation still holds up pretty well for the most part even today for something that’s from the late 2000s. But some parts you can see it looking pretty rough strange as during the time of advent children it still holds up not only really well but the animation there was the smoothest of any 2000s cgi here its good but kind of rough round the edges.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

The cgi movies you are better off with than the absolute fuckamoli that’s known as the live action ones hell even the fucking ps1 live action scenes are now at this point one of the greatest cutscenes in gaming history because of how goated resident evil was back in the day.

So yeah stick to the cgi movies instead of supporting capcoms ocd for movie adaptations and mmo shit


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